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Hi any green fingers out there who can give advice for shady garden.....?

We are planting garden from scratch and one side of back garden is in shade....husband has duck out a corner by shed need some ideas.advice on shrubs/plants we can put there, also i'd like a climber to go up and over the shed.....Any ideas guys !!

Hi any green fingers out there who can give advice for shady garden.....?
Just buy a gardening book, or borrow from the library, there are dozens. They will explain in detail all your requirements better than we can on here.
Reply:periwinkle, lilyturf, and astilbe grow in the shade. Also, hosta and ferns .... Viburnum will also grow... Grecian Windflower in the spring... along with grape Hyacinth.... Climbing Hydrangea would be nice but I wouldn't let it grow on the shed... I'd use a trellis...
Reply:there are so many things you could plant in shade. But it does depend on where you live.

a tip I was given was that it is a good idea to plant silvery plants in shade as they give the appearance of light.

I have epimedium, astilbe, hostas, foam flower, heuchera, bleeding hearts, hostas, ferns and a whole lot more.

There are not really flowering vines for complete shade but is you have some sun there are some nice ones.


for a lot of good idea

happy gardening
Reply:Clematis montana should take care of your shed- the roots need to be in shade and the leaves in sun.
Reply:Hostas and Laurel are good in shade.
Reply:Climber - honeysuckle, Rosa 'New Dawn', Chaenomoles

Shrubs - choisya, skimmia, aucuba, hydrangea, pachysandra, some hebes, viburnumn tinus, lonicera fragrantissima

Perennials - Ajuga reptans, violets, pansies, hellebores, alchemilla mollis, primulas, acanthus, pulmonia, dicentera, saxifrage, euphorbia

bulbs - snowdrops, hyacinths, bluebells, aconites, cyclamen, muscari

colourful annuals - bizzie lizzie (impatiens),
Reply:What part of the country are you from? These are all good answers, but not if you live in Florida, very few will grow there actually.

I am in zone 7, and most of my garden is in shade. Hostas, Azaleas, Japanese Maples, Mahonias, Ferns, Asarums, Astilbe, Lilies (not too much shade), Lorabedilum, Bright Ivies, variegated everything, lol.

2 things. Visit a good local nursery (not a home depot) and ask them to direct you to the shade section. Most GOOD nurseries will assist you and tell you what is right for your area. Check out a good shade gardening book or two. I use the library, check out a book or 6, and if I like the book (there is a lot of trash out there) I order it online. Ortho has a good shady garden book, as do most of the good writers. Depends on your zone. Know your area, know your soil, know your size, and go have fun.

Don't forget some annuals bloom in shade. Add some for color all season. Stick to whites and light colors as they will show well in shady spots.

Reply:Hosta, Astilbe for the border and Clematis for the vine
Reply:Ferns an other woodland floor plants, Lilly of the Valley, bluebells, mosses, fungus.

If you go to a garden centre the assistant should be able to help you with your choice.

Check the labels on the pots, they usually tell you where the plant likes to be situated.

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