Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do I stop my male outdoor only cat from attacking my indoor and outdoor female cat?

I have a female cat who uses a cat flap to enter and exit the house as she pleases. About 6 months ago a cat from the neighbourhood whose owners don't look after him too well started to sleep in my shed (it has a cat flap too) and as I felt sorry for him I gave him some food. Six months later I feed him all the time and he never leaves the garden/shed. He does attempt to come in the house all the time, but I only ever leave him in for a few mins when my female cat isn't in as she never really liked him but tolerated him if he stayed a good distance away from her. Now the male cat attacks my female cat when she exit through the cat flap. She does attempt to stand her ground, but he always wins and she either ends up coming back in or runs off for an hour or so. I don't want to stop feeding the male cat as that would be cruel and he is a loveable fella but I cannot continue to leave him attack my female cat. There's no point in asking his "owners" as they don't care about him. Any ideas?

How do I stop my male outdoor only cat from attacking my indoor and outdoor female cat?
You need to find another place to feed him. He has staked his territory and any cat that comes near, he will attack.

Or find a feline rescue organization to capture him so he can get a good home - he deserves it as for all intents and purposes, the ""owners"" all but abandoned him.
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Reply:Is the male cat "fixed"? I've heard that cats that haven't been fixed are generally more agressive. Could be the case? Also, depending on how old he is he might just have learned to be a more agressive cat (due to neglect and survival instinct) and nothing can be done to fix that except continually showing him affection. Good luck!
Reply:this may sound harsh but if you love your female cat more, then get rid of the male. i like how other peoples' answers said take him to a shelter. which is a great idea. but if you love him too much to want him to suffer then you know...i had to do the same thing with my horse. the other horses were attacking him and he got injured so i sent him to slaughter. i loved that horse so much. its either the female or the male??good luck sweetie
Reply:I think he has become territorial and want to boot your cat out of your house. He want to be the new cat now. His personality sounds like Garfield in the comic strip. Either that or he's horny since your cat is a girl.
Reply:Since the owner doesn't care about him, I would you consider to be the new owner. Is this male cat fixed? If not, get it done. This may change the situation.
Reply:get him neutered. This will prevent him from trying to mate with your cat, and it will also reduce his aggressiveness.
Reply:For their own health, their should never be such a thing as an "outdoors" cat.

Keep your cats indoors at all times.
Reply:find him a new home. or take him to a "no-kill" shelter.
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