Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ear wigs how to get rid of them?

my shed and garden are coverd in ear wigs, never had them before but since the flood we have had big problems with them in the garden.

i have kids and a cat and dog

how can i get rid of them any ideas please

do not mind spending money on stuff as long as it is safe and works


Ear wigs how to get rid of them?
You know that earwigs like damp areas (since the flood brought them out.). So that's the area to concentrate on. One thing to do is clear away damp twigs and sticks. Open up areas where they might live and breed. You can collect them with a trap in dark and damp places. Also, there will be entry points to your house and shed. Try to make a line that they won't cross with diatomaceous earth. (This works for other sorts of insect pests, too.) Maybe you've put sugar water around the garden to attract slugs? Well, in the same way you can put vegetable oil out inthe garden to capture earwigs.
Reply:We have had this problem on and off for years. My husband finally got some kind of inexpensive bug killer from Lowes and sprayed all around our house and doorways and that really helped.
Reply:the best way is boric acid but here is more info.

There are a lot of insecticides and pesticides on the market that will kill earwigs. Sprays are generally not as effective as granule and residual earwig treatments. For basic earwig control and even treatment of large earwig infestations, both and indoor and outdoor earwig control regiment should be instituted. Boric acid powder, insecticide dusts, and other earwig powders and dusts containing pyrethrins are effective earwig control agents in the home. Outside of the home, earwig control agents should be spread in 6-10 feet from the foundation outwards, all the way around your home. This type of earwig control is made more effective if sprayed lightly with water to help the poison seep into the ground (2-3 inches) where earwigs generally lay their eggs.
Reply:Hi type how to get rid of earwigs on the web search very useful info there good luck
Reply:Hey use pest control but not harmful ones

natural deodorants

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