Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Neighbour is playing with his erection in back garden is this legal?

My neighbour... (who is now listed on e-bay, after immigration refused to deport him)... has this huge erection that he seems to be fiddeling with in back garden..... I think it is some sort of shed.... is this legal? I mean it might block out my sun light? What should I do?

My Neighbour is playing with his erection in back garden is this legal?
brilliant. i love this question. you're a girl after my own heart.
Reply:ask him if he needs a hand? or a screw.....
Reply:Make him swallow his pride....fluff your bush...
Reply:spray him with cold water you dont want his big erction blocking out the sun. He could end the human race!!!!!
Reply:Call the po po's
Reply:lmao i almost took the question seriously

until i got to the end i kept thinking "wtf"
Reply:call the cops..
Reply:Turn the water hose on him.
Reply:ha ha! get the pellett gun out lol!
Reply:Give him a hand !!
Reply:If it's a metal framed building you could help tighten his nuts?
Reply:typically, if he is exposing himslef to the public he may well be guilty of indecent exposure. However, if he is in a private setting and can only be observed with some effort from a neighbour or two, then there may not be anything the police can do. And as for it blocking your sunlight, well, try asking him if he'd mind not doing that when you need to lie out and tan.

Actually, the whole thing is pretty hilarious and I don't see why anyone would get uptight about a person in their own yard being naughty. I'd simply laugh at the scene and carry on with my own life. And in the even I knew my neighbour I might even offer a little kidding but never to humiliate; only to poke fun.
Reply:be nice and help
Reply:Lol spray your plants and accidentally spray him .x
Reply:you sound impressed.
Reply:report him for indeent exposure!
Reply:I heard it's only a Tardis. It'll be gone by yesterday if you're lucky ;)
Reply:Maybe his kids prefer living in his cool erection than their mother's hot box.

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