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Can wood treatment cause reaction when breathed in ,in enclosed areas?

I have a room built for music(mixing on turntables)which is my hobby.i have had a reaction in my ears each time i occupy the room which is timber framed.Have discovered that just standing in the room without music on i have the same type of tingling feeling and was told that maybe i'm breathing in something toxic in the room that maybe giong to a week spot which can be the ears .Ive taken out all possible suspects like garden furniture,stained shelving etc but nothing majorly toxic(building is at end of garden).

The shed is a year old and on the inside is plasterboard fixed onto the timber framed ceilings and walls,on the extrnal is plywood covered in a waterproofed membrane and then sand and cement rendering.

When other people come into the shed they cant feel anything at all but then they're not exposed to it all the time as i am.Have had my ears checked privately and all was fine.

The music is played very moderately not at all banging loud

Can wood treatment cause reaction when breathed in ,in enclosed areas?
If your house or room has Wolmanized lumber or green treated lumber that is more than 8-10 years old and you breathed in any of the dust you could very well be poisoned.

The wolamized or treated lumber used to contain arsenic poison to kill insects and was outlawed several years back but some of that lumber is still sold from older lumber yards and reclaimed used lumber.

It is unlikely if you didn't breathe the sawdust yourself but it is very possible.I watched case on TV a few months ago that the doctors accused the husband of poisoning his wife until they both got sick and checked his house sure enough it was arsenic poisoning.

I'd get checked if I were you.I stopped using the lumber back in the late 80's before it was outlawed.

But I never showed any symptoms.
Reply:I've heared that it can be - check it out by googling or reading the tin as suggested.
Reply:Could the room be too airtight and causing a vacuum in your ears to build up? Try wearing a breathing mask to see if it still happens or other process of illumination approaches.
Reply:should say something on the tin

or try googling it for more info

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