Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Climbing plants for pots,?

Hello - I have a large ugly resin garden shed (plastic!) that I want to cover with a climber.

My problem is that its on the patio so has no soil around it so I need climbing plants to ramble over it but have to put them in pots.

Please can anyone advise what the best quick climbers would be (its in shade) and what size tubs would be best ??

Im new to this so any help appreciated

Thanks in advance


Best Climbing plants for pots,?
I'm in Canada, so I really don't know what would do well for you, but you always could ask at your local garden shop.
Reply:if a plant is in a pot it becomes much less hardy. so lets say a plant is cold hardy to -13 C. in a pot it might only be cold hardy to -7C about 5 degrees celcius less.

some good climbers that will survive in a pot are


climbing roses


pink moon vine

angel tumpet

ground morning glory

annuals in your area, but worth only one season


Reply:some type of ivy? *not poison ivy lol*

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