Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where to get wood, timber and other things to build a shed for an allotment?

I just took on an allotment but there is no shed or anything, where do I get wood, timber and other bits to build a shed. Where do I get bits and bobs, garden tools to maintain it. I don´t wanna spend a great deal of money on it, better even if I could get it for free. Or is there anywhere near Lincoln, Uk a junk yard where I can get bits like that?

Where to get wood, timber and other things to build a shed for an allotment?
Join your local freecycle group and put a wanted ad. I got loads of bits for my allotment. I was lucky and got a greenhouse from ebay for £10. so it may be worth looking on there too. Best of luck.
Reply:Local reclaimed timber yard. Address should be in yellow pages.
Reply:I completely agree with Chrissy F. The freecycle network is fabulous and you can get just about anything you want. You will also be able to pass on your excess fruit and vegs to fellow freecyclers after you have got your allotment sorted and producing!
Reply:try going down to your local recycling centre. there should be some timber available there. ask one of the assistants if they have what you are looking for. they are usually very helpful. if they dont have what you need then ask a landscape gardener to let you know when they are removing a shed from someones garden. they will probably be very happy for you to have it
Reply:You really need to use tanalised wood for building a shed, as ordinary timber will just rot.

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