Sunday, May 23, 2010

How do I make a wooden shed with tin roof ( Think human-sized/extra-large dog house ) cooler?

I live in Florida, where 95 degrees outside isn't uncommon.

How do I lower the temp inside my simple six foot tall, six foot wide and seven foot long wooden plank shed ( with tin roof ) as so that it would be suitable for a shelter for a couple indoor cats tossed outside due to family allergies?

There is no door so I imagined having a screened door and constructing window holes with screens would create a bit of a draft and allow air to circulate.

The floor is constructed of square outdoor garden slabs 'tiles' together. Unfortunately these are not sheer concrete, which would be a bit cooler on feet.

Any ideas besides -constant- fresh water, the door, screens and taking them out of there for fresh air every moment I can?


Would it be more economic, make greater sense %26amp; be better for them just to build a whole new cattery that's mostly screen/chicken wire with supports, a roof and maybe one side attached to an exterior wall of the house?

I appreciate your kind responses.

How do I make a wooden shed with tin roof ( Think human-sized/extra-large dog house ) cooler?
The first problem is that at best, with all other problems solved, it will be 95 degrees in there unless you install a cooler of some kind in there. The biggest problem will be the roof, as the steel will radiate a lot of heat into the shed. Since heat rises is you can put some kind of vents just under the roof along the sides and the heat will try to leave. There needs to be vents or screen windows or door to allow air to come in before the heat will leave. But again the air that will come in is 95 degrees air. So instead of 120 degree air it will be 95 degree. Building a cage with screen wire has problems being weatherproof, and again, even if you have a prevailing breeze it will be hot air blowing. We have indoor and outdoor cats and don't cage the outdoor ones. The outdoor cats will find shade and sleep where ever they want. If you want to use the shed as a shelter at night, or during bad weather put in a cat door in the shed wall or door so animals larger that the cats can't get at them. The key thing is a place that is shaded to keep fresh water. You can buy a small float valve to set up an automatic watering device.

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