Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neighbour keeps looking at my wife when she sits in the garden naked-should she lose weight?

My wife just cant seem to shed the excess weight after giving birth last year despite me banning her from eating chocolate and sending her out to work 60 hours a week. I don't work now as it's akin to corporate slavery.

This neighbor keeps looking at the wife and frankly I find it quite disturbing, what with all the rolls of flesh on display.

My wife has ginger hair as well, don't know if this helps?

Neighbour keeps looking at my wife when she sits in the garden naked-should she lose weight?
The answer is quite simple...put her to work for more than 60 hours!

Yes, you know what she's doing when she's working, but what is she doing during those other 68 hours of the week? Probably engaging in the deadly sins of sloth and gluttony.

Cut back on her food, and offer it as a reward for additional work - it should be all the incentive she needs.

As a good person, you owe this to your neighbor. You'd probably be pissed if your neighbor ruined your view by putting something ugly in his back yard, like a giant satelite dish. Why would you do something to him that would make you mad? It's all about the golden rule.
Reply:i not sure if the ginger hair helps nor my answer, but i love chocolate!!!!!!!!
Reply:So your neighbour keeps looking at your wife when she sits in the garden naked. And you are surprised?

First, why would anyone sit in the garden naked? Aside, it seems to be human nature to look at naked people but I am sure there will be many more peeping-Toms once your wife has become slim and attractive.

Second, you can't change people, people can only decide to change themselves. Perhaps your wife is secretly eating things that fatten or she is dodging them gym. It is simply not possible that one eats less and / or healthy plus exercises and still does not loose weight.

Thirdly, it's complete rubbish that colour of hair would have anything to do with it. Ask any doctor, but what you both would want to do is actually see a nutritionist.
Reply:Maybe your neighbour fancies your wife, i would tell her to have an affair with him, you can't be doing much for her self esteem, maybe someone else can!!!!
Reply:selfish cow
Reply:are you for real??maybe your wife needs to find someone who's going to cherish her for who she is and the baby she had,not whether she has a flat one can tell me not to eat chocolates.get a job...but then again she might like being away from you for 60hrs. a wk...
Reply:Never mind the rolls of flesh, you should be more concerned about your wife hiding the hideous hair!
Reply:So your body is perfect??? Methinks not!

And banning her from eating chocolate? You sound like Hitler reincarnated!
Reply:Well the ginger hair explains why she's ended up married to someone like you !

I really really hope you are having a crack ! if so - not bad
Reply:first of all the only thing "akin" to slavery here is the fact that you"banned" her from chocolate (or any food for that matter). You "sent" her out to work for 60 hours a week? geez... She needs to "send" you out to pasture! Did you forget WHY she 's gained weight?? Remember the child, here! Women jeoporidize their bodies to become mommies.. and make some jerk a father ( in your case, anyway) give her a break, love that baby, and it's mother... oh, and buy her some clothes for the garden! A nice fence couldn't hurt...
Reply:have you ever wondered maybe your neighbor is a dietician and only wants to help but he doesn't because you're scaring the **** out of him :)
Reply:If she cant shed the extra pounds threaten her with divorce and if 60 hours isn't enough to make ends meet make her get a second job. Something else that I find works really well is tell her if you do get a divorce your kid will never see his/her father again, that usually hits em really hard. I agree 100% with the corporate slavery thing and you are smart not to subject yourself to it. Now if it were me and the neighbor was staring at my wife I would just get to know him better and if he seems like a decent guy then have him join in on a 3-way. Sometimes women don't like to have 3-way sex and if that happens refer back to my original threat of divorce and the kid not seeing his dad and all. Good luck!
Reply:Lose weight? - Honey, the only thing your wife needs to lose is you.
Reply:Wow. Just so you know your wife isn't your slave. She is nuts if she listens to you. You aren't the boss of anybody but yourself. I understand you are just trying to help but she has to lose weight on her own. You can't boss anyone around.
Reply:i'm sorry but your wife has every right to do as she wishes so if this includes sitting naked in the garden then so be it if your neighbour is watching tell her and she may do something if she doesnt then maybe you should ask yourself is she doing it to get back at you for stopping her eating chocolate and being the person she wants to be?

or you could just buy a taller fence!
Reply:The answer is quite simple. Let the family dog out of its cage when your wife is not working, and put her in it. Allow her only water and lettuce, and take her out on a leash for a walk twice a day.

Are you kidding me? Do her a favor and grant her a divorce.
Reply:after have a baby it is hard to lose the weight but here is what i did to drop over 50 pounds i ate healty and smaller meals i went to the gym i went walking, joging and running sit ups and stomach crunches and sit ups. but do u think maybe u give your wife low selfesteem. if you would up lift your wife and tell her good things about her self maybe she would lose the weight but it is all up to her. that is your wife and u should love her no matter what she looks like.u should stand up for your wife and tell the neighbor to look the other way.
Reply:I hear that it is hard to lose weight after pregancy but dont be mean to her it is not her fault. Help her, Motivate her. Tell her that you love her and talk to her in a nice manner about what you guys can do together. might help you and your wife get back on track.
Reply:lol - you are joking arn't you?

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