Thursday, May 20, 2010

What can i do about the cats in my back garden on my drive and they sit on my shed and car they drive my dog?

i have a problem with cats at night in my garden, they sit on my car on the drive and on my shed out the back it drives my dog mad he runs from room to room i have tried shutting the doors but he barks and barks and drives me mad please help me befor i do some thing wrong and kill them all

What can i do about the cats in my back garden on my drive and they sit on my shed and car they drive my dog?
I use a washing up liquid bottle filled with water and squirt them, they learn to stay away after a while. And it's not cruel cause your not harming them.
Reply:Sprinkle Pepper down or put Orange peel around the garden They don't like the smell of either.
Reply:Use a high powered water pistol to squirt them. This is a tried and tested method that works! Better still it does not do them any harm.
Reply:pepper usually works to keep them away
Reply:I have a similar problem with my neighbour's five cats driving my three dogs crazy. These cats will face the dogs and will not move, that is until I put up an electronic cat scarer. These things come in at around £20-30 for a decent one, and I've found that it has made an amazing difference and haven't seen a cat in my garden in weeks now. The effects can be instantaneous, but some cats try and ignore but after a few days they even stay away.
Reply:let themm b friends :)
Reply:put the bloody hose pipe on them soon they will get the message i hate cats
Reply:I am surprised no one has suggested you just let your dog out. they wont stay around for long and dont worry they your dog will not catch them, they will move too fast for that.
Reply:Well, short of getting a cat yourself, there is little you can do. Do not do the milk thing, as that causes problems for the cat %26amp; I doubt that hurting any animal is something you should be aiming for. If you were to get a cat, the territory the cat would make should keep the cats away. Or you could get your dog used to the cats. Or get a bark collar if there is nothing left to do.

But please don't do anything TO these cats. They aren't doing anything wrong.
Reply:put milk on ur neighbors back porch... then the cats will beg him/her for milk insted
Reply:Its not your garden or car - they belong to the cats.
Reply:There are several things you can do. Go to the pet store and get a big can of "Nasty Cat " repellant. Or you can go to the gun store and get a shot gun.

All joking aside. It might be possible to run them off using moth balls. Most anamils have an aversion to the smell they put off. As long as the dog can't get to them you could spread a few in the areas where the cats like to hang out.
Reply:First off, I like this question made me chuckle.


I've had a bit of the same problem, cats would always spy on me and my family, drive my dog insane, go in our backyard, watch us at the door and windows, it was insaneeee

What I recomend doing, is finding the owner of the pets, give fair warning, and if the problem persists I recomend contact your local animal control center where the cats can have a good home to lurk around instead of your own.


Good Luck friend!
Reply:when eever u see them spray water on them or do what the guy above me said, just if u spray water on them, make sure its cold unless its winter =D

I work for a large pet store and we sell a product called get off, it is available in a spray or in jelly crystals, another thing that could possibly work is citrus, cats don't like the smell. Alot of people put orange peel in the garden, but this can lose it's smell and can look a mess, try some orange or lemon aromatherapy oil, put drops of it where the cats keep going and this might make them stay away, also aromotherapy oil is concentrated so it will give off a stronger smell.
Reply:just get a shotgun and blow the little fockers away

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