Thursday, May 20, 2010

What to do about the neighbours pet?

Hi, over the last couple of nights I keep hearing this small dog in our next door neighbours garden shed, it keeps barking and digging at the door of the shed, they leave it in there all night locked in and most of the morning, the barking goes on and on for hours, sometimes I am unable to get any sleep until 3am in the morning, I don't know what to do!, I want to go speak to them about it but worried it will cause problems, any suggestions?

What to do about the neighbours pet?
Ask them what is wrong with their dog as you are very worried about it, then mention that the dogs barking is keeping you up all night. If they do nothing call animal control. There are other neighbors around you who also hear the dog- one of you need to do something about it. I worry more about the dog being abused than the people getting mad at you for complaining. Good luck- poor dog- stupid owners.
Reply:I don't know how well you know these people but if you do talk with them, keep in mind that they could be psychos and not take your complaints well. I know of someone who tried to talk to a neighbor about their dog barking and that person responded by regularly throwing dog feces into their yard. You don't always know what you're dealing with. I would just call animal control and let them handle it. They won't tell the neighbor that it was you who made the complaint against them.
Reply:We have to speak up for animals that can't speak for their selves. Speak to the people and let them know you aware of the animal's misery. It is so sad that they are treating the little dog that way. My neighbor had a puppy that kept getting tangled in the rope he was tied up too and could barely move for hours. I went over and untangle him many times, finally I said something and he was grateful. He put him on a clothes line type run after that. I then stayed on him to make a fence. Your neighbor needs to be educated. If talking to him doesn't work then report him.
Reply:Oh I hate this, it's a terrible spot to be in same thing we went threw. We talked to the neighbour, it did not work as we did not have a good relationship with them ever so it did not help. As for the authorities we had to document the time the barking started each night and dates and how long, and when we had 8 complaint dates then they would talk to the owners it was horrible. But this is in Canada your laws maybe diff rent. These people left this poor dog alone so much we ended up going over and bringing the dog over to our place feeding it and befriending it. We walked it daily gave it lots of exercises and it started to sleep through the night. Then the owners moved away so we got lucky but, I still think that talking to them might help and if you have some kids or if you are someone that loves to walk a dog maybe offer as "can I walk your dog I just love dogs". This will help the poor suffering pooch and save your nerves and you will get some excercise too. They might go for it, you may even become friends, who knows. Good luck.
Reply:We have neighbors like that - their dog barked all night - he sees a car pass by it starts all over again.

You either have to speak to your neighbors, contact animal control or call the police.

the police will make it a nuisance call and demand it be fixed.

we had to call the police - now the dog is locked in the back and I imagine the people on the on the other side of the alley now have to put up with his barking.
Reply:tell you neighbour i own dogs and if my neighbours complained i would do something the dog is lonely.....i used to have to tie my dog up so she had the lenght of the garden but she hated been trapped so i ended up gettin her neutered and letting her roam....she is a quiet dog now....explain politely DOGS HATE BEEN TRAPED
Reply:Well you can sit around and wonder if it will cause a problem for them by telling them it is causing a problem for you, or you can stop being so meek and go and just tell them it is a problem for you before you let it get to you so bad that you run over there screaming like a lunatic. Make sense?
Reply:I say speak to them about it

They are probably none the wiser.

Then if it continues report it. gotta stop it. I live by the golden rule..your rights end when you infringe on anothers. Your neighbors are inconsiderate and infringing on your rights. Not to mention the poor puppy. Do what you need to do to end it and don't feel the least bit guilty about it.
Reply:Just go to you next door neighbors and tell them about it, and they will be reasonable to you and make sure that the dog want disturb you any more and you can get some sleep
Reply:Call the SPCA or your local Humane Society. They will take care of it for you and they do not release the complainants name. The neighbours may suspect it was you, but they can't prove it.
Reply:talk to them. Its the best way to avoid a problem down the road. If they refuse to do anything about it, call the police the next time reporting them for disturbing the peace.
Reply:Call animal control. They have experience dealing with this and the complaint will be anonymous, so you do not have to worry about them knowing it is you.
Reply:Um... CRUEL! Call your local humane society. They shouldn't be keeping a dog locked up in a shed. That is horrible! I hope you do the right thing.
Reply:You can contact your local animal shelter, to have them check out the situation, you may be doing that puppy a favor.
Reply:humane society. that is abuse.
Reply:call animal control and report it. they wont give out your name to the people so no one well know its you.
Reply:The best thing for you to do is call animal control. Talking to might just cause problems for you in the end
Reply:start posting dog poo thru your neighbours letter box with a note saying you bark im barking

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