Thursday, May 20, 2010

Japanese garden ruined by neighbors tree.?

I created a Japanese garden with fountains, lanterns, bridges and fine gravel. I even combed the gravel and rock to give it that zen quality. However, my neighbor has this **** bag tree that sheds leaves all over it; but, even worse it has these weird nut berries that created a huge mess when they burst on the ground. How can I protect my garden that I worked so hard on? Is there a shade to cover it?

Japanese garden ruined by neighbors tree.?
You can either ask the neighbor to trim back the tree a bit, or check to see if it is legal in your town to trim anything that hangs over your property....
Reply:Here in Calif if the neighbors trees are hanging over in our yard we by law can trim them and throw them in his yard to take care of...We trim the neighbors tree but take care of the mess....We get those black berries all over on one side of the yard from the neighbors...and it has stained the new concrete....and gets in the pool it is a real +mess.....You might check on that where you live....

It is really sad you put in all that work and love...and that happens.
Reply:My little two-story house by the Ōhashigawa, although dainty as a birdcage, proved much too small for comfort, at the approach of the hot season; the rooms being scarcely higher than steamship cabins, and so narrow that an ordinary mosquito-net could not be suspended in them. I was very sorry to lose the beautiful lake view, but I found it necessary to remove to the northern quarter of the city, into a very quiet street behind the mouldering castle. My new home is a katchiû-yashiki, the ancient residence of some samurai of high rank.
Reply:keep your pimp hand strong
Reply:is it black berry's dropping from it and the tree has long thin limbs that hang down ? the question is can you afford to build it im thinking you can and you havent got a choice you done spent a wad on the garden already . first you need to take in a few things like the sun and the wind and wen this happens and how far away is the tree from your promise land this info is important to get a good answer sadly i can only reply to this once so drop me a line and fill me in .I CAN HELP

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