Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do i sell some old Men Only magazines from the 1970's?

i found about 10 old nude girlie mags in a garden shed that had been there for over 30 years- pretty good condition too. I wonder if they are worth anything?

How do i sell some old Men Only magazines from the 1970's?
Ye Gods that's a blast from the past, i used to take the Men Only Mag every month, and i got together quite a collection; until some bu**er stole the lot. You may sell on ebay, but they're a bit funny regarding porn. You could try local small ads etc.
Reply:ebay, inevitably
Reply:ebay as long as they are not 'crusty'.
Reply:Auction them off on Ebay.

List out years, titles and conditions.

Make it a reserve auction and set your reserve price for what you think they're worth to you.

You may be surprised what they get bid up to.
Reply:ebay. people there buy anything
Reply:wot about e bay
Reply:Put them on E Bay
Reply:Send them to the big bush foundation
Reply:sell them on eBay which is a Internet site and people will buy almost anything off there all you need to is sign up with an eBay account
Reply:Should be worth something as long as non of the pages are stuck together with 'man-glue'
Reply:ebay bud

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