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Creating mediteranean Style Garden and Patio - Ideas Please?

We want to create a mediteranean style garden and patio. We have a large low walled Patio area in buff/sandstone colour slabs. Garden rather boring at the moment !

Need some inspirational ideas please on design and colours ?

We have a

A large square lawn with Shrub borders either side. A largish pond at the end of the garden and beyond that a greenhouse and shed

We want to put a path way in perhaps stepping stones leading from patio to Greenhouse/shed at end of garden.

Perhaps incorporate an Archway somewhere on the lawn

but no sure any ideas ? to break up large boring lawn.

We have blue mosaic Patio Furniture. My hubby has built a nice Med style BBQ.

What Colour Pots/containers for Patio Plants should we get ?

Should we keep to same colour blue as Furniture or use different colours of blues/turquoises or ???

Any other suggestions ?

Creating mediteranean Style Garden and Patio - Ideas Please?
The BBC website has quite a lot of examples and plans from Chelsea from which you can take inspiration, e.g.
Reply:I'd use whites alot, as this is a frequent building colour in the mediterranean - where it adds a touch of cool and calm. Otherwise brilliant blues, as you suggest, are great.

Many countries have decorative bright tiles, so if you add these, this will enhance the overall impact.

Add terracotta pots, for urns and general potting.

For flowers and plants, consider the Mediterranean Fan Palm - Chamearops humilis. This is hardy in areas as far north as the UK, once more than a couple of years old. Try some succulents too, such as Aloe Striatula - this grows well in my central England garden. Also, some of the Century plants are great, and will live if given a sheltered position, Agave americana: These grow around the med area too, frequently seen on cliffs etc.

Add in some bright coloured flowers too, though the bouganvilleas seen around the med are not that hardy, but can be sheltered during winter. Oleanders are frequently found, with whites, pinks and reds being common around the med:

If you can afford an Olive tree, even better, as this will add a really interesting touch (the larger ones can be pricey). Otherwise, a grape vine would be great, allowing you to admire the bunches of grapes hanging from its vines - it could be grown over an arch, or pergola.

I'd also add some mediterranean herbs, such as Origanum, which also add a ton of flowers when blooming, for extra interest.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob
Reply:HGTV pictures of before and after for a Tuscan deck.

They use lot's of vibrant earth tones..wrought iron accessories, use lots of planting pots because Mediterranean gardens are usually small spaces. The use of arbors in deep stained reddish/rust/brown. Lots of gold and dark/olive greens, deep reds and lots of clay pots. Wall mounted water features.

More ideas of space and size and colors.
Reply:I'd go for terracotta urns and blue glazed pots. Mediterranean gardens are usually colourful - use plants such as geraniums and some kind of palms. Passionflower growing on an arch would be nice too. Sorry - can't think of anything else at the moment !

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