Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you keep a Hoe in your Garage or garden shed?

If so how often do you use it?

Do you keep a Hoe in your Garage or garden shed?
You on to me again, well your too late I've cleared the house the cops will not find anything except for the bumper pack of condoms and babyoil I left with you
Reply:Depends on the term HOE
Reply:Yes , a couple of times a year
Reply:yeah, for the real purpose....

but we all know that's not what you're talking about

we're not that stuuuuuuuupid
Reply:would that I could lad, would that I could.
Reply:No just the gardener, he'll do fine.
Reply:It's in my shed and i often spend a couple of hrs of free time in there. I'll that to your imagination. lmao
Reply:$50 gets you the key!!!
Reply:Yeah she keeps trying to escape but I double locked it! lol
Reply:Are we actually referring to a garden hoe? Yes I have one, but I never use it.
Reply:Haha Clever.
Reply:i have 2 hoes....one in my garage and one in my school :)

(i never use hoes)
Reply:I'm sure my dad does but probably not often.
Reply:not telling you!

Reply:We don't have one. The gardener brings his own.
Reply:Mr x you are being naughtier tonight.
Reply:My hoe is in the 'hoe house'!
Reply:no, she's in my basement : )
Reply:garden shed with the shovels, rake etc
Reply:Of course. use it to keep vegetable garden weed free.

Why are you asking this question. i'm sure all gardeners must use a hoe
Reply:My hoe broke. I still havent gotten another one, I kept in my garage, but it didnt stay there much, that's why its broken
Reply:Yes, there's a hoe in the shed. I use it quite a bit during the spring and summer in my garden. BTW-there's also a spade and a rake in there, too.
Reply:no. but we have a TV and a couch in our shed. it's used as my dad's private room and he doesn't do gardening lol.
Reply:No, my wife won't even let me keep jazz mags in the house
Reply:neither I keep my hoe next to my bed (you know for protection) and I use it whenever I feel it needs to be used.
Reply:Nope......When I divorced her-@$$, I made her move-out completely !!!!!!! - ( cuz, I was the one that was 'used'..)
Reply:You're sick!
Reply:I like it in the garden shed,I use often for those times when you need a hoe the most.
Reply:never cause I live in apartment and my neighbors don't appreciate me bringing my hoe outside where they can see it

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