Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY putting a shed up?

I'm really good at putting ikea stuff together i can throw them up in seconds,

my mother is getting a garden shed i was just wondering how hard are they to put up, will the shed come with plans to show how to assemble the shed.

DIY putting a shed up?
it is not easy but can be done

it takes two adults

you must have a flat foundation to erect the shed upon
Reply:yep, not hard, should have planes with it,
Reply:I did a 10 x 12 shed this past spring and it was pretty easy. Plans did come with it. The toughest part, to be honest with you, was shingling the roof and it pretty much sucked. I paid someone $100 to come finish it. Other than that I would really recommend it.

I no way whatsoever is building something my strong suit either.
Reply:yes they are a peice of piss, and the plans are easy to follow i reccomend you have a friend who knows one end of a screw driver from the other.

in a garden i also recommend you lay paving stones or sleepers for an even support.
Reply:It should come with full illustrations and instructions but sometime it's hard to follow what they mean. I did it my once. You might need another person to help you, it's much easier.

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