Thursday, May 20, 2010

Found a slug around 7inches, is this normal?

Was pulling the garden shed to bits today, underneath found a slug, at least i think it was, about 7-8 INCHES!! Is it normal to find slugs this big??


Found a slug around 7inches, is this normal?
they can grow up to a foot long. it depends on the humidity they absorb moisture through thier skin. thats why they dont like salt
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Reply:ho, yummy, straight on the barbue pleaz
Reply:Than]ts nothing - I moved my shed a little while ago and found a toad living underneath. No ponds nearby, in the middle of a city - a dirty great toad and about 1000 empty snail shells!
Reply:I once lived with a slug who was six feet tall. We eventually got a divorce.......
Reply:oh yeah, big brown , spotted ones , we used to get them all over . they could go through a large leaf or 4in mushroom[musrooms and slugs kidda go together with dampness] right before my eyes.. cut back some trees keep your propperty dry and they go away.... dont torture GODS creaturs with salt...etc...just because you think they are on YOUR property... you have no propperty it belongs to all GOD's creatures... and "he" WILL tell you that at jugement day .... this is a test of you civility..... how much are you willing to do not to hurt GOD's creatures???
Reply:do you live near sellafield ? if you do then it probably is.
Reply:yes hes a great great grandad slug.
Reply:I once dated a slug - 6 feet tall. His name was Peter.
Reply:Depends what size of gun it was fired from
Reply:It really says something for your lettuces!
Reply:Yes ! I've seen them that big . Not often thank God but, they are there.

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