Sunday, May 23, 2010

Will PB Blaster take care of a hornet's or wasp's nest?

I have been given an old outhouse I'm turning in to a garden tool shed. I'ts been in my yard for awhile and I'm finally getting around to fixing it up. I noticed the nests a little while ago and am too impatient to run to the store. Don't know if they came with it or are recent home builders. I was wondering if anything like PB blaster would work? Thanks

Will PB Blaster take care of a hornet's or wasp's nest?
Purchase a can of wasp and hornet killer from any hardware store. After sundown (all the bees will then be in the hive)( I prefer near dark to insure that they are inactive) spray the nest well, you will see them dropping to the ground instantly. I prefer to then burn any of the bee carcases, tho I have never seen one survive, I would hate to get any bees started that are immune to the insecticide. We use this method all the time and have never had it fail.
Reply:What is a PB Blaster? Is that peanut butter blaster? (got jelly?). Just kidding!!! I really don't know what the PB Blaster is, but I wouldn't do anything that would cause them to sting you.
Reply:go to the store and buy the wasp spray, it will shoot 20', so you can stay a long way back from the nests.
Reply:too impatient to go to the store yet you find the time to type your question in online and wait for an answer? Why don't you try the PB Blaster and get back to us with the results.

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