Thursday, May 20, 2010

I finally got a shed to breed budgies in but how in the winter??

Hi i got a garden shed with no paints or anything it's just got shelvies and cages with budgies in them. Because it is winter what do i do now to get them to breed?? PS I havent put any heaters or that in their.


I finally got a shed to breed budgies in but how in the winter??
If you can put an indoor flight in your shed this would be great,but if you want to pair and breed specific pairs, then you will need cages in a flight you must have more nest boxes than pairs of birds!

The best way to heat your shed is with an Electric Tubular Green house heater,a is long enought to heat a 6ft. shed you will need a thermostat (no fumes) if it does not have one fit.

You can purchase one from B%26amp;Q,Argos or Garden Centre.

The present U.K.winter has not been that cold but a little heat is appreciated.
Reply:Breeding through winter can be difficult. Newly hatched chicks hatch through the night and go unseen, unfed and you find them dead in the morning. I always have more losses through winter and I have a proper birdroom for breeding. This year I wont breed through winter. Best you take the time to fit the shed out in oder for it to be at its best for when the warmer weathers kicks in. Sheds have a few issues...warmth or lack of being one, too hot in summer also, and mice and rats just love sheds and birds.

Light conditions are of paramount importance...if its too dark they wont breed. So you will need to be sure its light and bright in there.

Be very sure the shed doesnt leak when it there is nothing worse than finding wet nests and wet eggs and chicks if the rain comes in.

Heating is a hard issue...sometimes its better to insulate and line the walls. Heating of any kind, you see, dries out the eggs and you will end up with a lot of "dead in shell" chicks because the heating, warmth and humidity isnt right.

If you can possibly be patient and wait but in the meantime do the work on the shed that it needs to be the best you can have it for the better weather ahead...might be a better idea than trying to breed through winter. I dont know where you live to know what your temperatures drop to overnight, but even here in Western Australia it goes sometimes to 3-5 degrees centigrade through the night and you do lose chicks during those times. Hope this helps
Reply:Hi!! in extreme cold put some form of heating in the shed; BUT make sure there is sufficient ventilation to keep the warmth constant and the possibility if any fumes, likely to be a danger out.

The other alternative is to cage them up and bring them indoors for the cold snaps or for the whole of the winter,

They are adaptable and can survive most low temperatures
Reply:you should put a heater in there and budgies don't breed in winter they breed in spring.

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