Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you keep Dwarf Hamsters in a shed?

Can you keep dwarf hamsters in a garden shed, in a Rotastak cage?

Can you keep Dwarf Hamsters in a shed?
if you wan them to die in there then yes. it's too cold in the shed for any animal that is that small. If you cant keep them inside, theres no point having them.
Reply:Hamsters must be kept warm, dry and out of drafts. If a hamster gets cold it may start to hibernate and then die.
Reply:No, it will be way too cold and draughty.

They will end up with respiratory infections and die.
Reply:i wouldn't if your going to do that to a hamster y bother owning one they need to be kept warm if u keep them in a shed they will look dead and maybe whey will be
Reply:i wouldnt do this. what about you going to see them? the point of haviung a pet is to keep them in a house where everyone can see them - not kept in a shed. this is your choice about if you want to keep them in a shed... but i wouldnt do this

Hope you change your mind...

paige =)
Reply:Yes. Make sure to keep an eye on the temperature out there and think about buying a heat lamp to keep them warm. Also, rodents can be sensitive to certain smells, so watch out!
Reply:well it depends on the weather and if its hot or worm in the garden shed its ok for any animal but if its not any of them dont even bother leving it in there because there will be dead in 2mins then u have no animal at all then u kill the animal hope i help u out there
Reply:as long as they're kept in a place where the temp stays in the 70s they should be fine.

hamsters need to stay warm or they'll get wet tail, a disease that will kill them if they dont get medication within 24 hours.
Reply:no, its far too cold, they need constant warmth, theyll be in constant hibernation, and would eventually die of hypothermia.

as theyre so small, they rely on fat to keep warm, but their size means they dont have much.

they rely on your heat, so they need to be in a house.
Reply:is it a dwarf shed ?
Reply:i wouldnt recommend keeping dwarf hamsters in a garden shed coz if they ever escaped from their hamtser cage they would be gone for gud xx
Reply:It's not a good idea to keep them in a garden shed cause they can get cold and they are not secure so predators will be able to get at it.
Reply:The answer is yes BUT it rather depends on how you can control the temperature. Make sure it is well insulated and provide both cooling in the summer and a heat source in the winter. Make sure you regularly monitor the temperature with a good thermometer.
Reply:Won't it be a bit cold? They come from a hot country.
Reply:no they can bite away at it
Reply:What's going to stop them messing about with all your tools? I bet you never thought of that.

Remember dwarf hamsters love mucking about with garden equipment so the shed should be a no go area.
Reply:best place would be between two slices of bread...yummy
Reply:Sure guv, how many you got?

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