Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Has anyone ever did what my Mary did last year, she put loads of bonemeal on the garden and hoed it in then?

the flippin dog went round the borders scatching al my plants out. Just caught her coming out of the shed with some more of the soddin stuff. I ain't said anything to her like, I don't want her to stop doing the garden. I've got a problem on my hands any ideas?.

Has anyone ever did what my Mary did last year, she put loads of bonemeal on the garden and hoed it in then?
Hi Wat, long time no see. Nice to have your Mary episodes again.

I see Mary has been misbehaving herself again by doing all your gardening ! One of these days she's going to get fed up with your moaning and leave you to it, then you will have a problem!!

Seriously a few years ago I had a Jack Russell which dug large holes in the borders after I had applied bone meal around the roses. He never had a thorn scratch though, the little blighter was too clever for that.

So beware gardeners, if you have a dog, beware of the bone meal. Good long lasting stuff though.
Reply:I'm a bit surprised since bone meal is highly cooked with pressure and steam before ground into meal.......in the US. Perhaps other countries prefer it more raw.

Did Mary also use a dash of blood meal or fish meal? That could cause Fido to take great interest in the garden. Keep the fertilizer in closed containers......lidded rubbish containers and fence off the garden before you have a K9 gopher on your hands.
Reply:Eat the dog.
Reply:Easiest solution is to give the dog away, and keep Mary the gardener.lol
Reply:Put a fence of chicken wire and metal posts around the garden area. Bury the bottom of the chicken wire a few inches below the surface. And, consider putting bricks or logs lining the fence on the outside to discourage the dog from digging.

And, start taking your dog for a walk. Dogs dig because they're bored and have pent up energy, especially terriers, who have been bred to go to ground after prey. Daily walks of at least a half hour will help rid him of his digging problem.
Reply:you need to watch the dog whisperer on tv 6pm every week night. you need to check this behaviour at source
Reply:tie the dog to a post.

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