Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have you ever found a member of a fascist political party hiding in your garden shed?

Mosley used to rent the space between my washing machine and my fridge. It's not very big so we had to snap his spine to get him into it. All he seemed to do was eat wham bars and bang on and on about mutant starfish. I needed the money otherwise I would have turfed him out.

Have you ever found a member of a fascist political party hiding in your garden shed?
Every single night
Reply:yeah me
Reply:Would let him stay, if he tells me why Hitler did not finish the job. The Final Solution
Reply:Yes, claims he just wanted to borrow a rake. Likely story, the facist bas tard !
Reply:I found Herman Goering hiding under a cardboard box in there. I've agreed to let him stay in the shed for an indefinite period if he mows my lawn and tends to my plants.
Reply:luckly no , thought I had found Lord Lucan there once but it turned out to be a sack of spuds.
Reply:No, but Himmler stays in my attic sometimes. I let him because he looks so small and tired, but I know he isn't a nice chap so please don't criminalise me. Would you leave him out in the rain?!
Reply:yes hes there now
Reply:Every other day. Our gardener is Joseph Stalin.
Reply:Oh my god..you are so british!!!!
Reply:I haven't even got a shed
Reply:sure have ..................a long time ago i found this coloured south african in my greenhouse one winter tring to keep warm,his name was nelson something er nelson modular or mandyyelia or mandela something like that anyway
Reply:Have I ever, turns out Baldur von Shirach was living there!
Reply:Twice, and both times I told him to go home to Laura.
Reply:Yeh, they'd done it up real nice, contemporary lawnmower tables, wheelbarrow chairs etc.
Reply:Not me.

My shed is Fascist Free!
Reply:Yes, we've got a hut for Hitler, a mobile home for Mussolini, a garden shed for Goebbels, a hovel for Himmler, a barracks for Bormann, a hole for Hess, a hutch for Heydrich, a dug-out for Doenitz, a kiosk for Kesselring ,a sh*thouse for Salazar, a mews for Moseley, a garage for Goering and a fox-hole for Franco.

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