Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do I get possums from eating my ferrel cats food?

I adopted 2 wild ferrel cats. I have a garden shed with a cat hole cut in it so they have a place to go. Lately something has been eating their food, and we are pretty sure it is possums. Is there any way to deter them from coming in there other than not feeding my cats?

How do I get possums from eating my ferrel cats food?
Sure. Only put food out for the cats during the day, and bring it in a night.

opossums are nocturnal, and they'll only be out and about and eating at night.
Reply:i think you should catch these creatures and make them fight your cats... that way we will see whos the better!!(If your cats lose disown them immediatly!).

I also like ear muffs.

Sure..KILL the possum!!! That's IT!!!

Nah,that won't even work more than temporarily.

f you leave feed out,VERMIN *WILL* find it!!!

All KINDS of VERMIN-rats,mice,possum,coon ...CATS!....NOT a smart idea,eh???

You are *ONLY* attracting DISEASED VERMIN!!! INCLUDING the cats!!!! Which KILL BIRDS!!!

Live-trap the cats %26amp; take to the POUND!

PS:it's *feral*...which MEANS "gone wild".
Reply:Go to the hole, then place lettuce with pesticide or rat poison near the hole. eventually, the possums will eat the lettuce and die.
Reply:If they are 'ferral' , then you don't have to feed them. They'll eat the possum.
Reply:If you're adopting feral cats, why don't you adopt the possum? It's only right, you know.
Reply:Live trap them and move them somewhere else.
Reply:Possums and feral cats are all God's creatures... if you are gonna feed these damn cats, it's only fair that you feed these possums too... but I wouldn't feed any of them... the thing here is that feral cats might and will get vicious sometimes. My neighbor used to shelter and feed a small colony of feral cats in her backyard, after a couple of years the population grew without any regulation, long story short, she had a rabies outbreak in her own back yard. All cats had to be euthanized, and she had to pay for some fines and fees, she had to get rabies shots in her stomach for 10 days, her 7 year old baby girl who used to go out to the backyard and play with the young kittens had to have the shots too... top all this with all the neighbors hating her because all of their dogs had to be put on quarantine and they had to pay all those vet bills. Do you still want to feed the feral cats?
Reply:Shoot the possums?
Reply:cage the food
Reply:Wow, ferrel cats can be viscious.
Reply:no but the possums don't eat that much..i have possums here and they eat side by side with the cats..they get hungry too you know ...lol
Reply:Well if you feed your cats outside and leave the food out there, possums/raccoons will never stop coming to eat. The best thing would be to feed the cats during the day, and bring the food in at night. Since these are feral cats, I am assuming you can't put a collar on them. They do have these doggie doors that will be "locked" unless the animal wearing the collar "key" comes in.

But probably bringing in the food is the best idea.
Reply:Possums can get anywhere just like rats. If you are trying to socialize ferrel cats, they need to be kept inside - they'll just stay wild and well fed if you keep feeding them outdoors.
Reply:Get a trap. They go mighty good with sweet taters.

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