Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is your garden shed secure?

... have you ever had anything stolen from it?

Is your garden shed secure?
It's so secure that everytime I go to it I have a hard time opening it as it's so old.
Reply:Its always open at my parents, and we've never had a burgulary - but thats in the middle of a town where there are hundreds of sheds to choose from. However, at my boyfriends who lives in the middle of nowhere, the sheds and barns are always locked up and they're forever being bashed about by pikies wanting to steal something. You can't win.
Reply:we don't put anything valuable in it, so we've never had anything stolen from it....
Reply:Yes it very secure, never had anything pinched from it thankfully.
Reply:Never locked,not much of value in there and very difficult to access from anywhere other than through my house.Never had anything stolen...they`d have to bring something with them to steal!!!
Reply:As secure as the presence of 2 German Shepherd dogs can make it. Nothing stolen so far.
Reply:No I am worried about it,,,,having a mid life crisis I think,,,still there is a lot of it about
Reply:No it's falling apart.
Reply:no one wants rusty gardening tools or empty flower pots

Reply:Yes locked at all times plus we have a large dog.
Reply:Yes I live wilds not many people about
Reply:nope my shed is my sanctuary my space lol
Reply:i haven't got a shed - OOOhhh Gosh, I see what you mean!!
Reply:Not yet.....you planning a break in....hahaha
Reply:it has locks and it's tied down, we live in the South, famous for Hurricanes!

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