Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I want to move my home office into the shed at the bottom of the garden, how easy is it to power the shed?

to use my office equipmet, pc, printer phone etc... using solar panels and what would i need if i could to do it?#

What price would it cost about in £££


I want to move my home office into the shed at the bottom of the garden, how easy is it to power the shed?
About £2000.

Solar panels. Battery bank. Inverter. You'd need quite a bit of capacity as I assume you'd only have Sat %26amp; Sun to charge the batteries without using them. Mon to Fri you'd be using as you produce. And something like an electric kettle would really drain it.

Easier to lay an armoured cable between your house and shed.
Reply:you would find it much much cheaper to run an electrical supply from your home to the shed.

it would be prohibitively costly to get enough power to run a home office onto your shed.

for proper advice on running an existing home supply down to your shed have a word with a good retailer, for example at http://www.wf-online.com
Reply:It would be cheaper to power it from your home, solar power, sadly, isn't cost effective for small domestic use yet. Simply connect an outdoor source ( one that is waterproofed ) from your mains supply, then, bury a connecting wire, threaded through an old hosepipe for protection from damage, from that source to the shed.
Reply:Lay a cable from your house....fused or circuit protected for safety.

BTW.. check with your local authority as you may need some form of planning consent to use a shed for office purposes..depends on your council and their rules.
Reply:have a look here it shouldnt be that bad or hard.

Reply:Hi Have just had this process carried out, my wooden cabin is about 30 ft from the house and it was far cheaper to run a cable from the house to the cabin than use any other method.

I obtained two quotes, and went for the most expensive at £800 including Vat.

It is most important that you electrician provides a part P certificate or you may have difficulty in selling your house in the future.

It works well, and I can sit in the cabin, drink gin, and watch TV.
Reply:god???? whats all this solar power.flux coppaseter!!! now then really technical ,how about a extention wire,for the power and get ,this a wirless router.....
Reply:solar power for want you require is almost an impossibilty cost wise for the power you require would more than likely be £20000 or more and the power output would not be stable or large enough to operate more than two or three light bulbs for only a few hours day. what you should do is but some heavy duty outdoor cable and bury it from you house to shed.

have it connected to the consumer unit with its own rcb fuse and that is about it put 4 or 5 socket outlets in your shed. the caost to do this will be approx £300 depending on your garden length, but that is a pure guess because I dont know how far from house to shed, I have based the figure on approx 100 feet in length
Reply:I'd talk to an electrician. They should be able to come out and most give free estimates.
Reply:I would consult an electrician and ask for about 3 different quotes so you can compare prices. Would also agree with one of your other answerers, your shed will only be covered for a limited amount on your insurance if it were broken into so i would seriously consider shopping around for some extra top up insurance just in case the worst happens. You usually find that contents will be covered to around £500 but no more and would assume your equipment is worth much more than that. Whilst sorting the electrics, get a really good alarm, just in case you can't get insured. Hope this helps.
Reply:Have no idea how to do it....but you will need an awfully big lock on the shed door, and forget about insurance on all your goodies stored there.....

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