Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you eat british garden snails ?

Hi i have been informed that you can eat the british garden snail if you feed them on carrots or oats once caught to cleanse them ,before eating. is this true can anyone shed light on this or have experience in the field(or garden)

Can you eat british garden snails ?
yes a friend did this and ate them said they were v tasty but must be cleansed first xx
Reply:Yes you can. I forget how you are supposed to clean them. You could look it up on a web site.
Reply:Dont know that is NASTY.
Reply:Yes but you have to cage them and get them to get rid of the stuff in their intestines. This is what the French do
Reply:Not a good idea!
Reply:Yes but you need to boil them 2 or 3 times to make sure they are clean, using salty water to boil them also helps sterilise them.
Reply:Yes they can be eaten. You need to make sure they have not come in contact with pesticides. Then have them eat only oats or corn meal for about two weeks to clean them. Then shell and cook.

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