Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it wise to practise my parachute jumps from my garden shed ??

You might wanna practice your parachute landings before practicing your parachute jumps ;)

But if it's your landings you're concerned about, it depends on the height of the shed, the material you're jumping into, prior training in parachute landing falls, weather conditions, any medical concerns, etc. Only you know what you're capable of, but just for reference, before jumps we practiced from a 4-6" platform into a sawdust filled pit, making sure to concentrate on our landings on multiple sides and angles.

Is it wise to practise my parachute jumps from my garden shed ??
Depends on when you pull for your chute... after you hit the ground then I would say yes it was unwise... but who cares whe your high right? Chute or no chute...
Reply:I'm sure there's a formula for working out the height/fall ratios, but I an fairly sure you are not at a sufficient distance from the ground.

Mind you, if I come along and video it, I'll send it to 'Youv'e Been Framed ' and get 250 quid.
Reply:Ha ha ha, Maybe,if you put the step ladders, on Top of The Shed.lol.

Reply:That is brilliant ... the mind boggles. Take care !
Reply:Hmm?........No I don't think so, sorry!
Reply:depends on how tall your shed is!
Reply:yeah course it is!!!! .... if u fancy a trip to A%26amp;E for 2 broken legs etc ....then how are you guna ride your bicycle when it re-appears!! lol x

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