Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sheds / workhops. Advice please.?

I am planning to put a shed/ workshop in my garden. I want to use it as room to work in ( typing on a laptop / notebook) during summer evenings and to use a rowing machine. What type of workshop should I get ( any brand names you would advise?) .

Can I line the shed with any material to keep it a bit warmer? If so what would you advise?

Sheds / workhops. Advice please.?
Sorry ...wish I could help...I'm answering to advise you to think hard about the size. Ensure it will take all the furniture you want it too and you'll have room to move around. Better to think of the size you want and go one size up.

When we get ours, we're going to insulate it with the stuff used in lofts and board it up like your first answerer said to do.
Reply:Sounds like any decent size shed would suffice.

As for insulation, buy fibre glass roofing insulation covered by plywood would make it nice and cozy.
Reply:A plastic resin shed is made by Keter. Available from Argos for around £400 for 8' x 6', £500 for 8' x 8'. The advantage with these is they require no maintainance whereas a wooden shed would need treating every year or so.

Regarding insulation, I have used Airtec Double insulation to secondary insulate my loft. It comes on a roll 1 metre or 1.5 metre wide %26amp; is similar to large, strong bubblewrap but is foil coated on both sides. Very easy to use %26amp; joins can be taped up with aluminium foil tape. Both are available from Screwfix website but can be found cheaper elsewhere. Try eBay.


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