Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Its been 5 years since you found that alien in your garden shed!?

Is it progressing well,and have your neighbours found out about it, give me an update please?

Its been 5 years since you found that alien in your garden shed!?
the neigbors are high on crack so they think the alien is one of my kids. he's learning to how to pet the animals instead of eat them. he decorated the shed with my garden implements and he feels quite at home. I hid his spaceship so he can't go home. Shhh, don't tell him.
Reply:Oh yea he found himself a goth girlfriend and moved out. It seems she doesn't mind him having two of everything.
Reply:Yes it is suprisingly it has a very different anatomical structure than the rest of the animals on the earth

So far I have found out that it doesn't need H20 to survive but rather nitrogen.

So far the neighbors haven't found out anything about it I managed to hide the pod it came in for some reason it has not crossed his mind evr since he got here to go back.

I think his planet may have been destroyed and is seeking refuge here. So far I can't understand anything he says but apparently he has the power of telepathy but we or at least I don't. He has been dissapearing though mostly at night One time I followed it and he just seemed to vanish into thin air but he came back about four hours later. I still haven't figured out where he goes though.

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