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Will my Rabbit & Guinea Pig be warm enough in their hutches in my garden shed for the winter? I live in the UK

No def not!!!!

Provide them with shelter from the wind, rain and snow blowing into the cage, either put them in ur shed or utility room if u have a one. Or even ur spare room so they are not constantly in darkness...x

Will my Rabbit %26amp; Guinea Pig be warm enough in their hutches in my garden shed for the winter? I live in the UK
Yep they will be OK if kept out of draughts and don't forget to cover front of cage at night a bit of carpet or sacking will do

give em a bit of applefor me xx
Reply:They will be just fine until a fox gets them

Reply:It depends on the temperature. Rabbits can tolerate a good deal of cold as long as there are no drafts. Guinea pigs cannot tolerate cold and MUST be indoors all winter.
Reply:My rabbit and guinea pig lived outside all year round. But in the winter i put a cover on the hutch and cover them at night or if it particularily nasty outside. Seeing as yours be in a shed I'd say "no worries" just keep eye on em.

Moo xxxxxxxxxxx
Reply:well, it partly depends on what kind of rabbit you have. Does it have a thick undercoat, or is it a fine haired breed? Most rabbits will be fine outdoors in the winter, as long as there is protection from wind and rain/snow. Give it a place to burrow, lots of hay, maybe a smaller hideaway box it can keep warm with its body heat.

The guinea pig should not be outside in the winter generally; however, if it can huddle with the rabbit it will be okay. Are they housed together?If it is not, the pig should be brought inside.

it is a shame that they are outside at all though, and you may consider bringing them in anyway. Both are very social creatures, and need companionship. They are wonderful companions to people and the species do well together too. You might find you enjoy having them indoors to share you life. They will definitely show their appreciation. Check out this site: www.rabbit.org

best of luck.
Reply:Yes i have a rabbit an always move him into the shed in winter,but just make sure you put extra straw in for them an if you got a plastic sheet pull it down over the front of the cage at night just for extra warmth.
Reply:cover their hutch with a rug and turn it to face a wall at night, this will keep the warmth in, did this with my rabbit and he lived for 13 years!!
Reply:Well, if you provide lots of hay and put an old blanket over the huches at night to keep them warm, then yes, they will be.
Reply:no, kick your kid brother out of his bedroom and install your fluffy rabbit and guinea pig there instead. Let them have full use of his bedroom including nice cosy corners to do their poos in ... your brother can sleep in the rabbit hutch outside.

from the guinea pig and rabbit liberation front ..
Reply:My guinea pigs hate being cold - how do i know my guinea pigs got a cold last year (i live in the UK) and between the four of them the treatment was well expensive! If you have a shed or garage that is the best option. The rabbit will survive outside but will prefer the warmth.
Reply:yes the rabbit will be fine, i don't no much about g.pigs, but they are similar providing they have plenty of hay/straw. I asked my vet the same question, when we had snow, i was told buy her that they would be fine if they had alot of bedding. I still have them, so she must of been right. Have a look at pets at home, they have leaflets on rabbits during the winter, that did say they would be fine too.
Reply:no you should bring them inside in the winter
Reply:No, and honestly I wouldnt keep them out there at all. Why not keep them inside so you can enjoy them more? There are many things that can kill them if they are left outside. Cats, Dogs, Birds, The contstant hot/cold temperature, just to name a few.

The best cage is a C%26amp;C cage, made from cubes are coroplast. Its easy to make and very inexpensive (less than $50) plus guinea pigs and rabbits love them!

For more information on C%26amp;C cages- www.guineapigcages.com

To ask more questions- www.guineapigcages.com/forum

(register and make a board)

The SMALLEST size that pigs should be in is-

1-2 females- 28in x 42in

1-2 males- 28in x 56in

3 females- 28in x 56in

3 males- 28in x 70in

Rabbits should have at least 28in x 56in with 2 or more levels.

You aren't keeping your rabbit and your guinea pig together are you? If you are, you need to separate them, all a rabbit has to do is kick the guinea pig once and it will be dead. You could adopt your guinea pig a friend (of the same sex) from a shelter, there are so many needing good homes.

About the guinea pig-

What type of pellets are you using? Make sure you arent using anything (pellet/hay) made by Kaytee, they contain an ingrediant that is known to cause cancer. I recommend oxbow, they are great quality. www.oxbowhay.com

Are you giving him unlimited timothy hay? Make sure there is always hay in his cage, it helps wear down their teeth, just like a chew stick does for hamsters.

Make sure you arent adding anything to his water (no vitamin drops, etc.) if you are feeding oxbow pellets, and fresh veggies (in moderation) they contain the necessary vitamin C, so you dont have to add anything. Vitamin drops can make your pigs sick.

Also, dont use salt wheels/licks, they are not at all necessary, and are not good for your pigs.

Runaround balls and wheels are also not a good idea, so make sure not to use those, it could seriously damage your pigs backs.

Once again, I recommend guineapigcages.com they are great, and very helpful. If you decide to join, you can send me a message on there.. my username is wickedrodent
Reply:Hi %26gt;

UK rabbits are used to cold stuff, after all they survive down cold burrows in the wild.

Guinea Pigs do need a bit of warmth though.

They come from warmer climes.

As a young lad, mine perished in a garden shed. Poor thing.

Bring it indoors, best bet.

All the best with them,

Reply:I live in Surrey,so it does not get that cold for that long.

My Rabbit has the run of my terrace,he goes in his hutch as and when he wants,he does not get "locked in".

He will often sit outside all day during the Winter.He does not seem to have suffered.

His predecessor was the same,and lived to a very good age.
Reply:yep, my friend is a petshop owner and she has hutches outside all winter in the breeding area in her garden, they are all ok.

Lots of wood shavings will help.
Reply:Yes, this should be fine as long as you provide them with extra hay %26amp; wood shavings for added warmth- make sure that they do get a good daily source of daylight.
Reply:Hi, i have 2 rabbits and they live in a hutch inside a shed. they are perfectly happy in there. i drape 2 blankets over the hutch so that they hang down the side and i can lower it over the front "open" parts of the hutch at night if it is cold and i also have a "snugglesafe" pad that i put in there when it is really cold - you can buy these in pet shops or online and you just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and they stay warm for a good few hours! i don't know about the guinea pig though!!
Reply:yes cover the hutch with a blanket and then a large piece of

plastic which will cover the hutch completely.Plenty of hay and straw.No probssssssssss
Reply:The rabbit yes, but the guinea pig......well I'd prepare that stewing pot now if I were you.
Reply:Get them in the oven! They both taste like chicken, apparently.
Reply:You could always experiment.

They are guinea pigs after all.
Reply:Give them lots of hay everyday and mebbe put a big picnic blanket round the cage to stop drafts. My animals were in a similar situation last year and did ok, plenty of food and hay!

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