Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last year you discovered a newly born "ALIEN" in your garden shed!?

How is he/she progressing?

Last year you discovered a newly born "ALIEN" in your garden shed!?
Well, she is now at school because her learning capabilities are endless and they say she has the mental age of a ten year old. The other children in the class do make fun of her and call her names - and we have had a few complaints from parents as she does tend to suck their faces until they turn blue. She enjoys skipping - she's very good at that what with her four tentacles and the doctors say she will grow another 15 ft in the next year or so. All in all she has been a joy to live with - she only eats chips, I get those oven ones which are quite cheap so feeding is not a problem because she can transform the potato input into high quality nutrition. I too have trouble fitting her out in clothes so we just use a black plastic bin liner and cut some holes in it for her arms. We have decorated the same in colourful flowers and she does look a picture. Not much more to tell you for now. I'll update you in the near future.
Reply:He's gone back to his home planet. Never writes, calls or sends money.
Reply:He got really fat on those Reese's pieces i was feeding and he had to go to Jenny Craig for help. L.A weight loss. Haven't seen him since!!!
Reply:He's too fat. I think he sneaks into the refrigerator when I am not looking.
Reply:He's been doing well...Clothing is a bit of an obstacle...not to mention hats are hard to fit...And now he's into this hip hop look, have you ever seen a visor that had a 48" circumference? And they don't make preemie size hip-hop clothes, He loves big Ts but can't get them over his big ole head. But he's so smart and learning so fast.
Reply:Well he is now a year old and enjoys bathing with the African elephants in my fishpond. Sometimes he thinks he is a mahout and rides bareback on them!!!
Reply:stupid alien always takes my car and doesnt refill the tank.
Reply:It had babies.

I now have a female aged 16 weeks.

She ate another alien so the vets desciribed as they could not make out what it was.

She also destroys anything left out within her reach,had my good glasses in the week.

Its asleep on the sofa at the mo so all is well for the time being.
Reply:She is adorable! Just learning to walk and having a great time playing with my grandchildren.

Thank you for asking!

I am a little concerned about one thing...

The little booger keeps going invisible! Sure makes it hard to find her. Thankfully I have two dogs that just think she's playing hid and seek and go about finding her!

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