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What is the correct way to make a cup of tea?

This is what I do. I put a teabag, milk and two sugars in a mug, pour boiling water in it, then stir it for a minute or two until it's the colour of my garden shed (which is reddy brown). Am I a heathen in the world of tea-making?

What is the correct way to make a cup of tea?
Yes you are. Here is my correct method. Get this wrong and you get thrown out of my house.

1) Warm the cup with hot water.

2) Place bag in cup.

3) Pour scalding water on it.

4) Squash that bag fast against the side of the cup with the spoon about twenty one times.

5) Remove bag, squeeze out the precious tea from the bag, discard bag in bin.

6) Stir tea fast anti clockwise.

7) Pour a little milk into cup and be fascinated at the swirls and the gradual merging of colours.

8) Sip the tea while it's still too hot and sigh with pleasure.

9) It's wrong to drink tea without a little snacklet.
Reply:anti clockwise??? so that would be counter-clockwise right??? or is it opposite from clockwise? I'm so confused....and embarrassed!! I have been stirring my tea all wrong...maybe I will visit austrailia - everything is backwards over there and I will fit in Report Abuse

Reply:Well I think that's an awsome way to make tea!! Report Abuse

Reply:That's just lame....you NEVER squash the teabag against the side.....you let the bag soak, for as long as 20 mins if you like your tea really dark. Anti-clockwise? Can you speak english? tea can be made ANY way you want. Report Abuse

Reply:i put the tea bag in water then put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes take it out put milk and sugar then its done Report Abuse

Reply:The OCD method of making tea is very charming, but still not quite right. Put the bag in the cup. Put water on and bring it not quite to a boil. Pur water over bag and let steep for as long as it takes to be as strong or weak as you like it, then add milk %26amp;/or sugar. I like my teas STRONG! Report Abuse

Reply:Now that was just plain fun to read...I however am a coffee drinker....and I love love love it. Perhaps I;ts because of the counter clockwise stir! yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o) Report Abuse

Reply:How I make tea:

-1/2 water to boil on a stovetop %26amp; 1 sp of loose tea per cup

-add 5 mint leaves/cup %26amp; shred ginger

-opt: tea masala

-when boiling, add other 1/2 liquid milk

When it starts to boil, it's done. Strain into cups %26amp; enjoy!

It's more work, but once you try it, you'll never go back! Report Abuse

Reply:spot on Report Abuse

Reply:NEVER squish the bag it makes it bitter

Just dip the bag up and down till you get the desired strength then take the bag out. Always use boiled water Report Abuse

Reply:Put two large or four small tea bags in a small pot of water on the stove. Let it boil for only a minute or so, just enough time to let all the flavor out in the water. Pour the water only in a gallon pitcher(with a cup or two of sugar for sweet tea)and add water until full. Report Abuse

Reply:Boil some water, remove from fire add loose mint and cover for 2-3 minutes, poor in a glass cup. Now that is a real tea. Art Report Abuse

Reply:Real tea does not come in bags any more than real coffee comes in soluble granules.

But the most important thing to making tea is getting the temperature of the water right - this, however, varies depending on the type and origin of your tea leaves. Report Abuse

Reply:I can teach you in my house, and take care the tea can be hot. Report Abuse

Reply:ARE YOU INSANE!!!!!!!!!! Bag tea is for people without any discriminatory palate. If you want real tea, it has to be fresh loose leaf. But since you chose such a ridiculous answer, you wouldn't have any clue about true tea. Report Abuse

Reply:Can there really be a correct way to make a silly cup of tea? I guess it's the same as asking, "Is there a correct way to make a cup of coffee?" It's just a drink for crying out loud. Let's not strain ourselves trying to make a drink pitch perfect. That's just absurd. Report Abuse

Reply:I am making some right now. Iced tea that is. You use a pan 3/4 full and boil. Then set aside and add 9 tea bags leave set for 5 min and then squeeze bags thoroughly and let set for 10 min. Pour tea into pitcher and add water and ice. No sugar, just lots of ice. You will be hooked for good. Report Abuse

Reply:For black tea, pour boiling water into cup over bag, cover, let steep 2-5 minutes. For green tea, let water sit for a minute, then follow as before. NEVER squash teabag (will only make your tea bitter) or add milk or sugar while brewing (will slow brewing process). Report Abuse

Reply:boil water sir in any direction add a little sugar ,now dip the bag 7 times slowly sir to mix DO NOT ADD MILK drink black. milk kills the favor . ENJOY HAVE SOME COOKIES WITH YOUR TEA YOUR CHOICE Report Abuse

Reply:Teabags are for losers! Warm the pot, add the tea and let steep. And always add milk. Its meant to stop your teeth from staining. :)

Also, if you add your milk to your cup first you will have redheaded children. ;-) Report Abuse

Reply:Milk?!?!? The proper way to drink tea is sweetened with lotso sugar, then mixed in a 50/50 ratio with ice in a quart sized mug. Report Abuse

Reply:i nuke some water and put a tea bag into it for 5 mins. and play onto the computer and if it gets cold oh! well taste good cold also. Report Abuse

Reply:ha! sounds good! as long as it tastes good! Report Abuse

Reply:Well I drink two cups every morn...I prefer earl grey british bags...Ifirst boil water then pour over tea bag...Ileave the bag in for second cup...I prefer my first cup strong, the second cup is remarkably strong too! I also do ice tea during the day%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; YUMM! Report Abuse

Reply:Listen to desmondraven... this is the only comment that comes close. There are different types of tea which require different time periods. Get to know the different blends of tea so you can figure out how to prepare them. Try this first http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T... Report Abuse

Reply:Batman personna doesn't really go with tea-making but, I use dried tea leaves and sugar two and one tablespoons respectively and boil them with 75 % milk and 25 % water. (Where I live, (India), milk is actually 50 % milk and 50 % water, so, do your math) Report Abuse

Reply:Blimey. I didn't realise an innocent question about tea would generate so much response! Ha ha! Report Abuse

Reply:With or without milk??
Reply:this is what i do;put in tea-bag,pour water over,leave for a minute then stir and drain the tea-bag then you add your sugar and milk!
Reply:is there a correct way everyone to there own taste eh??
Reply:yes milk is always last... tea bag and sugar boiling water mash/stir till nearly black then add a splash of milk
Reply:well there are so many ways of preparing a cup of tea.

1- boil water put tea bag, then milk

2- put tea bag and water boil, then put milk,

3- use tea pot, boil water put tea bag or if you have put tea leaves, then after it boils put milk, when it boils again, serve now after its abit cool.

which ever works for you, i come from Kenya we have the best tea in the world. we are actual the major exporters of tea to Britain and other parts of the world. enjoy your Kenyan tea.
Reply:I don't drink tea, I only make it for my fiance. If making in a mug the milk goes in LAST. If using a teapot however the milk goes in the cup FIRST (complicated stuff this!). He likes his tea quite strong. He has a teapot for one which I fill for him if I get downstairs for breakfast first so that its ready for him.

If you enjoy your cuppa then stick with it!
Reply:The correct way is to put a little bit of mashed potatoes in a teabag and four sugars in a mug, pour boiling water in it, then stir for a couple of minutes until it looks and smells real good.
Reply:The best way to make a cup of tea is the way you like it !

There is no right or wrong way: I pour the water in first and dip the tea bag into the water but that's because I like really weak tea !

If you like your cuppa then that's the way to make tea.

Mine's milky with 2 sugars please !
Reply:The 'correct' way is what works for you. I'm always being told off because I like to use a teapot, let it brew a while, pour the tea in first, then the milk.
Reply:According to the etiquette of Queen Elizabeth II and all that lot, you're meant to put the teabags in a teapot with the water, then pour it into a cup (and saucer) when it is infused, then add milk and sugar to personal taste.

But who cares about the Queen? - She eats her breakfast cereal out of tupperware.
Reply:Put the kettle on to boil, put a little hot water in the teapot and swirl around, then tip out.

put 2 teabags into pot (or loose tea) reboil the kettle and as soon as it is boiling pour onto the tea in the pot.

stir once and put the lid and tea cosy onto pot. Leave for 2 or 3 minutes (some say turn the pot around once) put the milk into the cup first with any sweetening, then pour the tea into the cup. If you pour milk into a cup of hot tea you will scald the milk. If you think you will prefer it with a slice of lemon then, add a slice of lemon.

result lovely cup of tea.

If making in the cup as you do, you should put the teabag in (it would be OK to put the milk etc. in also) pour over boiling water, stir once and leave till it gets to the desired colour. It will work better if you put the milk in last.

I don't know where these people get putting the milk in last comes from because my Mom God bless her soul, would have been 78 if alive always said put the milk in first, and at her age I agree with her.
Reply:I won't tell the British you don't boil it and strain it and all that stuff. ;) Hey, whatever works! I boil water then put the teabag in it until it's strong enough then put some honey in it.
Reply:If you like it like that than for you it is right. Like many other things tea is made differently all over the world. I drink mine English style...good and strong with lots of milk and some sugar, I am a bit of a tea toddler I would say cause I have tea every night *smile*
Reply:Apparently...the best tasting tea comes from brewing the teabag in the mug rather than the teapot - and putting the milk in before the teabag.

But that study was in The Daily Mail - so trust it as far as you wish to!

I always brew in the mug and add milk before the teabag as I don't like strong tasting tea - and because life's too short for teapot tea!

Probably we would be judged more on the type of tea we drink. Mine's Typhoo....but one of my friends drinks Clipper Organic. Jolly posh! XD

Though I also sometimes drink Twinings Chai - which is an Indian spiced tea. Put teabag, milk and a teaspoon of sugar in the cup first. (You need the sugar to bring the spices out) Then add the water - it has to be hot but not boiling. Leave for 3 to 4 minutes to allow the spices to gain strength.

But that's going off the subject! XD
Reply:just get the mix.. put some water in and STIR%26gt;.
Reply:If you like it that way then it is the best way of making it.

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