Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My neighbours bamboo has grown through into my garden and is damaging my shed - how do I get rid of it?

The answer depends on whether you like them or not! You can legaly chop the plant back to the fence line as long as you return the trimmings to the owner. Or you could just poison it! I find a mixture of salt water works quite well!

My neighbours bamboo has grown through into my garden and is damaging my shed - how do I get rid of it?
Presumably you have already voiced a complaint to your neighbour. Since no action has been taken to resolve the problem, then you have the right to chop down all the offending stalks of bamboo up to the boundary of your property. Furthermore, since, as you state, damage has been caused to your garden shed by this offending bamboo, then you need to obtain an estimate (perhaps two would be preferable) from reputable tradesmen for the cost of repairing the damage caused. You then need to advise your neighbour of that cost and seek compensation from him/her for that cost. Failing which, you could issue a plaint in the Small Claims Court against your neighbour for the cost of the damage caused.
Reply:Here is A link here on this issue.The neighbor next door is responsible for invasive plants that damage any of your property...I would suggest if he/she will not talk aboutt the issue, or is smart about it, to send them a REGISTERED LETTER requesting them to eradicate or control the bamboo(which cant be done) for it is causing property damage on your side, and send with it an estimate either for shed repair,or replacement..of course keep a copy of the letter that you sent, have it dated, and keep the receipt from the registered letter...once this is done it shows you attempted to resolve the issue if you must take them to small claims court, and have plenty pictures of this before you cut any down..
Reply:A good dose of industrial strength weedkiller down the side of your shed should resolve the problem, when the bamboo dies, deny all knowledge.
Reply:Afraid you will have to dig down to remove the shoots, whilst there put in a barrier as deep down as you can - paving slab on its side will work best - and back fill again with your soil. No more shoots should be able to get through - although you may have to put in more than one slab.

Good luck
Reply:The only way i know is to pour diesel on it, bamboo is almost impossible to get rid of. Although diesel will work it will contaminate the ground and nothing else will grow there either
Reply:If it has grown onto your property then you have every right to cut or destroy the parts that have grown onto or over your property line. You are not allowed to kill the plant or plants while it is on their side but I heard that salting the earth will prevent anything from growing back for years to come...and I do not mean in the amounts from a salt shaker.
Reply:First dig as much out as you can and then you have to put a rhizome barrier between you and your neighbour's fence, this stops the bamboo coming through. A garden centre would help tell you how deep to dig the barrier down.
Reply:Just tell your neighbour that you will be sending him a repair bill for the repair of the damage cause to your shed, can they please pay in cash or Building society cheque. Then add that they are required by law to ensure that their plant isnt going to damage your shed again, so please hack the offending plant down...

If your like your neighbour, be polite about it otherwise, stuff them.
Reply:You are quite allowed to chop it back to the boundary if it is growing over,i believe you have to offer it back to them though!? but if the root system is pushing the shed up then check with them , its nothing a sharp axe won't cure!
Reply:stick some small copper nails into it.

It'll die off in good time
Reply:Bambo is a real pain to get rid of once it starts to spread, one of the only ways to stop it growing on your side of the fence is to dig something like roof tiles vertically down along your fence line, as the bambo shoots grow out just under the surface this normally stops them from spreading.

make sure you remove all traces of it from your garden as well as it will grow again if any shoots are left behind

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