Tuesday, May 18, 2010

POLL: If you had to lock yourself in the garden shed for the afternoon..what would you take in with you...?

chocolate, lots of chocolate

POLL: If you had to lock yourself in the garden shed for the afternoon..what would you take in with you...?
I guess a book, it would get pretty boring in there.
Reply:just a lighter and a few rizlas, the rest is there waiting for me.
Reply:A hamper of food and drink, my Harry Potter books and a sleeping bag!
Reply:Laptop and a bottle of whiskey.
Reply:toilet paper and bucket.
Reply:Flask of coffee, radio, comfy chair, book - what a blissful idea, have a star.
Reply:My duvet......soooooooooo tired in work today.....any minute now im gonna.....zzzzzzzzzzzz.....
Reply:I'll take my sweet Marla and don't count on just the afternoon.
Reply:A lap top with wireless internet access, lots of chocolate, lots of elderflower presse.

A comfy chair, a cuddly toy, set of saucepans, a cushion, croquet set, sewing machine, DVD, mini Hi Fi player, lots of Cd's......ooops sorry got carried away there for a moment, thought I was on the generation game.
Reply:i would love to take you in there hahahaha.,to play scrabble of course.
Reply:Alcohol/any kind just many bottles
Reply:Soap and water and toilet paper if fact a bucket as well just in case!

Why is Lol still on this site why has he not been bombed off.
Reply:Pack of cigs and a cooler of beer!
Reply:my bong and some papers
Reply:a jar...so i could put my marbles in it...coz obviously i lost them thats why i locked myself in the g*d damn shed for the afternoon.x.
Reply:I don't know why I'm bothering to answer this one, B.

Very well, one full barrel of Armadillo sherry, 100 back issues of Good Housekeeping magazine, The Freemans Catalogue,

1 roll of kitchen paper, 4 pork pies, 1 lb smoked applewood cheddar, one 100 watt Marshall amplifier, Sheryl Crow (subject to availability),your avatar(not Billie Joe), 20 Dunhill, 3 chairs, 1 bottle (for spinning).

And that's all I need....
Reply:A few porn books and a tub of plasters for the blisters. lol
Reply:The key to get out : )
Reply:My cellphone! =)
Reply:I would take Bug Spray
Reply:my mobile phone a pack of fags and a box of chocolates
Reply:Can I take a man?
Reply:my lap top
Reply:basically any music players and some snacks and water....and a chair
Reply:My Compaq notebook
Reply:my bf, for obvious reasons lol
Reply:A flask of coffee, portable TV,a lounger and a pillow.
Reply:Yep choclate my dvd player (portable) and maybe a bucket for ma waste lol

p.s whats with all the polls
Reply:Erm......... A fireman lol!!!!
Reply:A man with lots of stamina and some alcohol oh and baby oil

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