Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden shed turned into a Music Studio?

Tried looking on the web but it doesn't say much, is it possible? Is it risky? Any thoughts? Also what would I need? Apart from a shed ; )

Garden shed turned into a Music Studio?
very possible, can be risky.

You will need alot of work and money tho. You will need to buy some stuff to prevent damp etc, you need it to be warm and dry, soundproofed etc...

What are you looking to have in it?!
Reply:1. Soundproofing (tricky with a wooden shed, breeze block would be better)

2. A safe, adequate electricity supply i.e. proper conduit or armoured cable. An extension cable from the kitchen isn't up to it.

3. Security. Lots of locks and strengthening if you are going to keep anything valuable in there.

4. Smoke alarm and fire extinguisher.
Reply:It's definetly possible but it can take some time and effort to put it together, I have'nt done it myself but I know a band that did that and they dont regret it. You have to be sure that your equipment is safe so an alarm is a must, you will need electricity and soundproofing....maybe a sofa if you have a really big shed
Reply:sound proofing is the hardest part. and its not cheap. the better way to sound proof is to build a room inside a room, with a tight air gap. i have attempted to do this and it is still very hard to perfect. Plus your proberly looking at alot of money for the room to be soundproof depending on the size.

and what ever you do .... do not use egg cups

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