Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's the best thing to use for a shed base?

I'm erecting a new garden shed this weekend and i'm not sure what would be best to use as a base. It's a steel shed, so will need to be fixed to the base as there is no floor. Should i go for wood, breeze block, or paving slabs?

What's the best thing to use for a shed base?
3x2 paving slabs laid with sand on ground which has been compacted
Reply:Concrete base would be best.

You can anchor the shed with bolts into the concrete.
Reply:use concrete it does not need to be thick 75 mm will do secure shed down with rawlbolts
Reply:BEST is such a relative word. You've already suggested GOOD ideas. Wood should be treated lumber. "Pavers" will never rot, but could sink/ raise up/ shift. Though you could frame them.
Reply:Concrete would be best but paving slabs would do as long as they are level.
Reply:concretes best but hire a mixer it can be hard work
Reply:concrete is best,but for ease use paving slabs laid as a patio.
Reply:thick paving slabs would be a good base, thicker than 6 cms, if no,t use concrete, harder but more durable

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