Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I know I have mold in my gardening shed, anybody have any experience getting rid of it?

I have sprayed with lysol and it kills molds, but it keeps coming back.

I know I have mold in my gardening shed, anybody have any experience getting rid of it?
Yeah Moey that's a major hassle. The bleach water scrub works, but it's a pain to do [make sure you use long rubber gloves]. The mold keeps coming back as long as the heat and humidity make conditions favorable for regrowth. It's usually impossible to use an air conditioner or dehumidifier in a garden shed. I just keep using the Lysol until the heat and humidity change with the season.

The main health risk of mold is for those who are allergic to it. It is not true that mold will grow in your veins. Patients with severe immune deficiency problems such as leukemia can develop severe infections and bloodstream involvement (called septicemia) with Candida or Aspergillus, but this does NOT occur in people with a normal healthy immune system.

Good luck

Added Note - - Maybe your dog is allergic to the mold.

'Hope you have your dog's cough cleared up.
Reply:Well, mold can be quite toxic... it can actually kill you. There are different kinds of molds... some molds-- I am told can actually get into your blood stream and grow mold in your veins...ewe... that said, there are professional companies that can remove it. If you can't find one in your yellow pages, call A/C repair and installation companies and see whom they recommend... Now if it is just a minor mold issue, put a white mask on (so you don't breath it in) and use straight vinegar from a spray bottle. Just spray everywhere. Soak it. Let it sit. Then go in and do it again! Then once your sure the mold is killed, get some old rags (with gloves on) wipe it all up off the floor and wall and dispose of. I suggest you find the source of the moisture... if its a moisture issue. Maybe you can just caulk it extra good... good luck.
Reply:Bleach dilluted in water. Scrub it with a scrub brush dipped in the bleach/water solution and then hose it down. You will have to repeat this process at some point in the future but this knocks down mold/mildew for a time. Especially as the weather cools and becomes drier the mold growth will subside.
Reply:I don't know what it is that has the mold, but I use bleach-water for mold.

If the mold is on any drywall, it may also be behind the wall.

If it's on wood, the bleach water should work fine.
Reply:As you are trying to kill mold in a gardening shed, you are trying to kill something that naturally grows where it is. If you can dry out the shed, completely, keep it dry, use the bleach scrub (with the gloves on and old clothes and eye protection and good ventilation,in case you splash), dry it out, provide some direct sunlight to the moldy areas on a regular basis, you may delay the mold growth for a considerable time. (Very few molds grow in a desert). If you don't mind a constant vinegar smell, that will delay growth as well especially if all of it drys completely between applications. You are delivering acid to the area and that inhibits growth. Ammonia based cleaners help as well but NEVER mix your ammonia with the bleach. That could kill you as well. Clean it, keep it dry and well ventilated and that should help lots.

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