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Whats the easiest way to catch or severely mame rogue cats ??

In my neighbourhood there are a couple of cats that keep coming into my yard front and back and spraying foul smelling pee all over my cars and garden shed. They also crap on my back lawn and my kids have bought it in on their shoes. I dont own any pets and its driving me crazy. Ive spoken to the owners and they do nothing. I have busted the cats in action so I know 100% its them. They run off to quickly for me to pick them up. Can somebody pleeeeeze help... p.s. I've tried the stupid bottles of water on my lawn, doesn't work. Next step will be 'Ratsak' if I can't find another way.

Whats the easiest way to catch or severely mame rogue cats ??
Contact the local SPCA. Some chapters will offer assistance via setting some "Hav-A-Heart" traps for a couple days, some won't do this - it depends on the local chapter. If your local chapter won't assist, find out if they will come and pick up a trapped animal if you catch it. The one problem I foresee is that the neighbors know about your dis-pleasure regarding what's happening. If all of a sudden their 2 cats have disappeared, you'll be the first one they come to. If you let them know that the SPCA has them, it's possible that they'll go down and "bail" them out, and the problem begins again.

You might want to check with your city or county regarding any ordinances referencing "nuisance" type animals. It's a shame, but there are people who should not own pets for reasons such as the situation that you are experiencing.
Reply:A friend of mine was able to put together a motion sensor and his sprinkler. After the few times, he found that the cat found somewhere else to spray. Maybe someone at the hardware store could help you find the right components.

I like this way because it doesn't hurt the cat, just gives him a little bath and changes his habits.
Reply:Please call your local animal control officer this week, and if you know who the owners are, put in a complaint about them letting their cats out, and how they come into your yard, etc. They may be able to give you a humane safety trap to get the cats with, then to call them back to get them.

If the cats are fixed, that will help. However, it is actually best for cats to be indoor pets. They live longer, and healthier by living indoors all the time with a litter box, plenty of food and fresh water.
Reply:I don't try to severely mame animals but I have put much work into my garden and I do not appreciate the wild cats coming in to mess it up. I use a piece of dowel rod 1 1/2" x 4" and spike it with finishing nails that have been sharpened to a fine point. I mount these with large rubber bands and tie them to a stake driven into the ground. I stretch out the rubber band and rig it to a trip wire. This works well. It usually only takes one good hit and the cat does not return. It works on humans to I found out. Some kids were stealing my green beans. They only did it once. I heard the screams one night and turned on the light. It was funny. That kid probably thought he got bit by a snake. Sometimes now, I sit out all night with a .243 just waiting to hit the lights and a thief!
Reply:Call animal control. If you harm them, that is a criminal offense.
Reply:An automatic sprinkler scarecrow has worked awesome for all kinds of critters.

Reply:There is a cat repellant available at some pet stores. It might be worth a try to spray a ton of it on the areas the cats seem attracted to. I had a similar problem and the repellant seemed to help a little. The thing is that the repellant doesn't last forever. You will have to spray and respray the thing every day. Past that I'm not sure how to keep those cats away. Tricky. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Reply:There are traps that you can buy at the farm %26amp; feed store to trap the feral cats. It looks like a rectangular metal cage with two slanted doors, one at each end. All you've got to do is set the trap and put some bait in. After you trap them, the local SPCA can take care of them for you.
Reply:After the SPCA picks up the cats, mix 2 and a half parts flour, 1 part Cayenne pepper and 1 and a half parts dry mustard powder. Sprinkle around the area as needed. If it rains, it will have to be replaced.

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