Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I was told i don't need plans for block shed/workshop in my garden?

is this true?

I was told i don't need plans for block shed/workshop in my garden?
Whenever a planning question is asked we get the usual twaddle in the guise of advice. If you were to listen to some of these people you could potentially get into serious trouble.

There are many factors which dictate whether planning permission is required to put an outbuilding in your garden. In most cases you can go ahead on the basis of permitted development rights providing you adhere to restrictions on size, height, siting and proposed use. There are too many variables to list here but you can either ask at your planning office or if you get stuck you can contact me via this site or on the website shown below and I will send you a copy of a questionaire which should help (not available until after Bank Holiday).
Reply:You need to check with your local permit office. These rules are governed locally.
Reply:Depends on where you live

I did a 10x10 two story w/o a permit

a 12x16 greenhouse w/o a permit
Reply:it will depend a lot on the size you want it to be i would check with your local authority and I hope they don't give you the same answer as I was given when I called my to find out about similar problem I was told (and I am not being rude) this is an exact quote you need permission to have an erection in your garden
Reply:as long as this workshop/shed will not be a permanent structure, no, you need no planning permission.

but if it is to be a permanent fixture, yes you will need planning permission from your local council.
Reply:if its over 6ft,6 and permenant you need planning permission contact your local council.
Reply:nice to have plans so you can have something to work from, check with your council about planning permission.
Reply:Beware of rumors. Most municipalities Code enforcement offices depend on revenues collected from construction in their areas. Any structure that goes up is considered a revenue source. Call your local construction office and ask them if you need a permit. The call is free. If you build a shed or a shop or start to construct it and a code enforcement officer sees it and it did require a permit then you will be fined. The fine is revenue. Don't take chances with information not coming from your local municipality. Construction rules change from one town to the next. You may not need plans but again, if you are required to get a permit you may need to sketch something out and submit it for the permit.
Reply:Yes you do. A block or brick building is classed as a permanent building/structure.

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