Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you have a garden shed of any kind?

Is it one of the posh ones that looks like a chalet?

Do you have a garden shed of any kind?
I have several, as I have several very large gardens.

Sorry NONE are even close to a posh chalet, but oh

looks like an outhouse (which my son made me for mothers day, moon cutout and all), and the main bigger one is sort

of barn like with a hip roof but much smaller, and my favorite

one is little a hobbithouse, I built it from cob and straw and have an alive meadow (flowers and grass) as a roof! it has round windows and a rounded door, and off to one side (outside) it has my earthen oven built right on to the world.

This really cool!

Sorry, but nothing out here is "posh" we actually work our land not play farmer, LOL.

Hope I answered your question appropriately *wink*
Reply:I have a garden shed half built its been like that for about ten years or more
Reply:lol i dont even have a garden :(
Reply:i live in mine
Reply:i have one
Reply:We've got a sort of brick build "outhouse" at the back of our garden. Unfortunately the roof fell in shortly after we bought the house, so we cant even keep a lawn mower in it at the moment.
Reply:i have a shed of sorts but it`s certainly not a posh one,in fact it`s wooden and now rather rickety and i fear everytime theres a strong wind it`s going to blow away!!
Reply:my shed is full of gardening stuff and kids bikes.
Reply:We have two. An old coal shed where the dogs sleep and a wooden one full of cr4p.
Reply:I just bought my house. I don't have one yet.
Reply:oh the bad memories! we had one in the bottom of the garden big red and covered in cobwebs! my parents locked me in it when i turned into miss chatterbox or the hyperactive witch! only joking they loved me really hehehe ;-)
Reply:I have 2 one attached to the house for kids toys and a huge one for garden stuff and the husband when he's naughty ;)
Reply:Mines a summer house with a side room thats for the 'sheddy stuff', at the bottom of my garden
Reply:no, I demolished it
Reply:Just built one with my dad. It's a nifty one, made from concrete blocks. It gives us somewhere to do "man" stuff. I'm using it to do some welding in today.

Somebody gave us an old TV, so I bought a DVD player to go with it. I could live there.
Reply:yes, three,

no, galvanise
Reply:yes i do not a posh one mind you...just enough to house my garden tools...
Reply:I have two garden sheds - one at the top of the garden for the kids toys and one at the bottom of the garden for bikes, tools etc. I also have two dustbins - aren't I lucky.

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