Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden shed dinner party, my invite to you?

its not very big only 1 door and 1 window you will have to sit on a tool box and drink from plastic cups.but there will be the BBC world service on the radio and plenty of fresh tomotoes, would you like to join me

Garden shed dinner party, my invite to you?
OK then...can I have a hair of the dog?? (heavy night last night!)
Reply:yeah ok if im sitting on the tool box i will have a screw driver
Reply:God yeah, sooner the better
Reply:Can you rig up some sort of heater, I hate the cold?!
Reply:love too. I'm such a party animal, you'll be pleased I came. Where'd live?
Reply:sounds like the cafe on the moon

lacks atmosphere
Reply:Sounds good to me - better than a night in front of the tv!
Reply:Is this a world war 2 bomb shelter party in which I get to wear my gas mask and trench coat?
Reply:i,d love to thanks.Do you have any beer?
Reply:Very kind but no thanks, I prefer something just a teensy bit more up market.
Reply:Thanx for the invite, should I bring a bottle?
Reply:I'm so sorry but I'll be out of town that day.

privies engagement Dinner party at the white house.

sorry maybe Next time.

my fish

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